I’m very happy to announce that my new website is online. I was looking for the right way to express the creative excitement of these months and I finally got it! 

In these months I have worked on different projects, which are really far from my past ones. 

The first one is collaboration with the Italian band Perimetro Cubo for their first release, ’10’  from ‘L’ultima ovvietà’. It was one of the first times for me to write for a non classical genre, but I found it extremely enriching and funny. Now you can enjoy the video online but we are planning a tour in Italy so you could enjoy us live really soon. I’ll keep you up to date on this project. 

The second one is the soundtrack I’m writing for the theatrical play Il prigioniero segreto di Norimberga’ by Andrea Walts Valsania. The soundtrack includes pieces for orchestra, violin solo, piano, glockenspiel mixed with electronic effects. It has been really exciting and challenging, the collaboration with Andrea has been a deep creative process and I look forward to see it on the stage. The tour is starting from Genova in September

Of course I keep on promoting my last album ‘Essere – Compositions for violin and piano‘. Few days ago a promoting campaign started in the US and Canada, so you could listen to my music in radios and online. I recall you that the full album is available on Spotify for streaming or you can purchase it on Amazon

Now you can understand what I mean when I say that I’m experiencing a creative excitement. I wanted the website to reflect this wonderful moment of my musical life and I would like to thank Claudio Giuliani, who was able to find the right way to express it. 

I really hope you like it! 

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