New year is started and it started really in a great way!

I just told you about new directions of my music and I think that this year will be an experimental one for me.

In my recent post I mentioned the great collaboration with the Italian band Perimetro Cubo. I collaborated with some outstanding artists like Andrea Orsini and Luigi Santilli for their first release ’10’ from the album ‘L’ultima ovvietĂ ’. Our collaboration is ongoing and I just recorded two more tracks with them. I can’t say anything about that, but I can tell you that they will be released very soon.

We are planning a tour in Italy, and the first date should be in February 2016. News are coming soon on this issue.

I have also to announce I am writing new genres, as I have had a super exciting creative moment. I just wrote about twenty pop-rock songs thanks to a brand new inspiration. Now I am working on them, and I am trying to find the rights mates for this new adventure.

And of course there are my students, who are a great source of satisfaction and pride for me. They really let me grow as teacher and as person at the same time. Even with students abroad (we take Skype lessons) I got extraordinary and totally unexpected satisfaction.

At the end, I just recall that ‘Essere – Compositions for violin and piano‘ is still online and you can listen to the full tracks album on Spotify and SoundCloud, where you find also my other playlists. Enjoy!


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