In the past months I had the chance to think a lot about my life and about how Music has always been a huge part of who I am.
Even if I am still a classical violinist and composer last years I had more than one opportunity to collaborate with pop/rock bands.
Playing – as well as practicing – different kinds of music it’s simply great! There’s always something new to learn, with no limits!
There’s not enough words to explain how you feel playing a well known classic instrument – as the violin – using effects like distortion, delay etc. It allows you to have a brand new range of sounds!
This is so exciting! Doing this I discovered a whole new world.
So I decided to take a dare with myself, I learnt to sing, I started to write lyrics and I find out that it really is another great way to share feelings, then I started working on my new project, a new album I named ‘Inner rising’.
‘Inner rising’ includes all the pieces I wrote in 2016/2017. I’ts a pop/rock album in which there will be voice, electric violin, guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. Yes! It’s totally different from my last work ‘Essere’. In this album I wanted to tell more about myself. In each work there’s a part of me like doubts, thoughts, wishes, dreams etc.
A musician must know that music is and will always be a way to express who we really are. Music is like a mirror which reflects our souls. No masks, non tricks, no lies … only truth!I’m going to release a first single ‘STARS’ the 15th October 2017!
Here you can listen to a preview:



I’ll keep you up to date, so


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