stefano-semprini-biografiaBorn in Gorizia, Italy, Stefano Semprini showed a talent for music at an early age, starting to play violin at age eight, beginning formal violin studies with Laura Grandi at the Musical Institute of Gorizia. During early years of study he was recognized for his outstanding skills and was awarded regular scholarships, supported by the Violin Association “Rodolfo Lipizer”, eventually graduating from the Music Conservatory “A. Steffani” in Castelfranco Veneto, Italy.
Stefano Semprini attended several master’s programs and proficiency courses, particularly with Piero Toso, Crtomir Siskovic and Priya Mitchell, and again was recognized for his superb technical capabilities and expressive skills. Throughout his studies Semprini also showed a remarkable talent and skill for composition, which he developed simultaneously with his violin performance.

Stefano Semprini has performed regularly with both orchestral and chamber ensembles, having performed with the Philharmonic Orchestra Alpe Adria, the Symphony Orchestra Rome Festival, the Farra Sinfonietta Orchestra, the Phil(m)harmonic Orchestra of Mossa, the Symphony Orchestra “Tullio Serafin”, the Chamber Orchestra of the Gorizia Music Foundation, the Italian Operetta Company, the Philharmonic Orchestra Mihail Jora of Bacau and the ArsAtelier Orchestra.

In addition, he has played in several chamber music ensembles, duos as well as trios and quartet: the Semprini-Tomassoni Duo, the Dimitrijevic-Semprini Duo, the Nowicka-Semprini Duo, the Violin Ensemble of the Gorizia Music Foundation and the Semprini-Persoglia Duo.

Since 2004, Semprini heads the Violin courses in several music schools in Italy and also gives instruction in Violin at the I.E.E.M. – Musical Revolution in Ladispoli, the Nomos Academy and the Music Association Einstein in Rome.

As composer, his compositions to date have focused on works for violin and piano, violin solo, piano solo and orchestra. His music received its debut in Gorizia in 2009 with excerpts from his “Fantasia for Violin and Piano in Six Movements”, receiving wide acclaim. Since 2009 he has presented his compositions in several prestigious venues, including Villa D’Este in Tivoli and Scuderie Aldobrandini in Frascati (Rome). He was guest composer during the “Ramo d’Oro” Festival in 2013 at the Palazzo Cesarini-Sforza in Genzano, and in 2012 ArsMusica Edizioni published two of his compositions, the “Sonatas for Violin and Piano”.

Stefano Semprini is also active as a recording artist, and his latest release “Essere – Compositions for violin and piano” is a wonderful collection of twelve of his original compositions for violin and piano. Future plans include extensive international tour with pianist Victoria Merkulyeva in order to promote the last album ‘Essere’.

Stefano Semprini plays two violins: a German manufacture violin made in the first decades of the Twentieth Century, and a violin made by Simonelli in 1984.